What is a Web Developer & What Does a Web Developer do: Full Guide

All of your clients will expect it – lead by example and make sure that your website is responsive. When you’re creating your own website (which will be a good idea if you want to get more clients) – you should make sure your site is responsive. Well yes, a large part of a website’s SEO has to do with the content. But the actual structure and code of the website play a role as well. This refers to the process of improving a website’s rankings within a search engine like Google.

In addition to writing for The CareerFoundry Blog, Emily has been a regular contributor to several industry-leading design publications and wrote a chapter for The UX Careers Handbook. She also has an MSc in Psychology from the University of Westminster. Git is a version control system where developers can store and manage their code. As a web developer, it’s inevitable that you’ll make constant changes to your code, so a tool like Git that enables you to track these changes and reverse them if necessary is extremely valuable. Libraries and frameworks are essentially sets of prewritten code, but libraries are smaller and tend to be used for more specific use-cases.

How I Went From Youth Support Worker to Web Designer in 8 Months

You can get started coding with HTML (as well as CSS and JavaScript) in CareerFoundry’s free coding short course. This involves being able to handle common web developer interview questions as well as technical ones. On top of that will be practicing coding tests, as well as preparing your own questions for your potential employer. What’s useful is working out roughly where you might want to go with your web development career—this affects your next steps. In short, a web designer is the architect, while the web developer is the builder or engineer.

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If you want to build all the skills you’ll need as a web developer, check out our Career Paths. Our Career Paths are designed to teach you everything you’ll need to know to land an entry-level position in your desired field. They also include projects that you can use to create a portfolio and certificates upon completion for you to add to your resume.

Web Developer

Both roles share programming languages and technologies, and as a result which term is used can depend on the location, the industry, and the company. It is possible to have a career as a web developer without a degree. You can learn the necessary skills through certification programs and hands-on experience.

As you can see, web developers continue to be in high demand—regardless of how early 2023’s tech company layoffs made it appear. Following the ensuing tech layoffs due to over-hiring, web developers and engineers have found opportunities in a whole range of industries, from healthcare to finance. Those who can quickly develop and deliver software projects thanks to full-stack methods have the best shot to be at the top of a company’s or client’s wish list. Web design is an extremely broad field, and will often be broken down into more specific roles such as User Experience Design, User Interface Design, and Information Architecture. They model the layout of the website, making sure it’s logical, user-friendly and pleasant to use. The backend is essentially the part of a website that the user doesn’t actually see.

What is the Priority of a Web Developer?

A web developer specializes in building and maintaining websites and web applications. Web developers use their expertise to translate web designers’ concepts into functional, interactive websites. They work on both the client side (front-end) and server side (back-end) of web development. Dez Udezue, a software engineering manager at Meta and a 16-year industry veteran, suggests early-career developers direct their attention to their immediate job tasks. “Hyper focus on the direct manager over the technology stack. They influence growth a lot, especially in the early part of their career,” he says. In the world of web development, languages are the building blocks that programmers use to create websites, apps and software.

By joining the community, you get access to research and analysis, plus opportunities to interact with policy and industry leaders around the world. Perhaps the best-known web developer is Tim Berners-Lee, who created HTML and launched the World Wide Web. Other famous developers include Lea Verou, co-editor of several CSS specifications, and Håkon Wium Lie, who created CSS. I want to start an online business in the future, so I think, Web Development is the best thing I can learn. Enrol to this bestselling Udacity program with 3 months access & receive 15% off the regular price. Read our tutorial for more useful information which will help in app development.

Degree programs to consider

For more information, check out our article on the role and responsibilities of a back-end developer. A web developer is countable for building and maintaining functional and aesthetic websites. You can learn how to become a web developer by reading this tutorial. After finishing reading it, visit one of the few reputable learning platforms and start learning.

  • Web development is the process of building websites and applications for the internet, or for a private network known as an intranet.
  • Companies like 4Geeks Academy, Actualize, App Academy, Boolean and Brain Station all offer bootcamps for coding and web development.
  • The framework provides the foundation and the structure, as well as instructions or guidelines for completing certain tasks.
  • All of your clients will expect it – lead by example and make sure that your website is responsive.
  • The great part is- you don’t need a fancy expensive degree to get into the field.
  • They tend to be artistic individuals, which means they’re creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive.
  • Take your time with these steps – the demand for web developers isn’t going down anytime soon, so you have time to learn.

Many how to hire a web developers start their careers with a single focus, usually front-end or back-end development. They may move on to be full-stack developers or explore careers in related fields, including project management, computer programming, or graphic design. If you would like to become a web developer, you must first choose between front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Improve technical skills

You can read our guide if you’re interested in learning more about the differences between Git and GitHub. It gives the developer a structure to work from, and the framework you choose to work with will largely dictate the way you build your website or app, so choosing a framework is a big decision. Let’s take the example of JavaScript, the language, and jQuery, a JavaScript library. Rather than writing, say, ten lines of code in JavaScript, the developer can take the condensed, prewritten version from the jQuery library—saving time and effort.

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Accessibility is the practice of making web content available to as many people as possible regardless of disability, device, locale, or other differentiating factors. JavaScript is the scripting language used to add dynamic functionality to web pages. This topic teaches all the essentials needed to become comfortable with writing and understanding JavaScript. CSS is the language that we use to control our web content’s style and layout, as well as adding behavior like animation. Provides a practical introduction to web development for complete beginners.

Where Do Web Developers Work?

Discover what each job entails and how you can succeed with our classes. Think of a web developer as a “solutions architect.” First, they determine the best way to address the challenges faced by their client. Once you have finished writing the code and organizing the files that make up your website, you need to put it all online so people can find it. This article describes how to get your simple sample code online with minimum effort. Discover programs you’re interested in and take charge of your education.

Develop career skills and credentials to stand out

Web developers use a specific set of skills and languages to complete their work. Often, they learn these skills and languages through web development certificate programs or bachelor’s degrees. However, some web developers may choose a short-term, career-focused bootcamp instead of an academic program. A degree can take 2-4 years to complete, while a bootcamp may only require 3-6 months. While a lot of people do their research, decide on programming languages to learn, and have a good go at learning web development, the majority of them fail due to a distinct lack of direction. Programmers use so-called “high-level” programming languages to write source code.

Web Development Roadmaps

Entry-level web developers typically maintain, troubleshoot, or create websites by drawing from their programming and graphic design skills and knowledge. Web development refers to the creating, building, and maintaining of websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.

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