How to Stage an Alcohol or Drug Abuse Intervention

The addict can accept the offer then and there, or the team may be willing to give them a few days to weigh their options. An intervention can be a very dramatic, emotionally charged encounter. It has the potential to stir up a sense of betrayal or resentment on the part of the addict. Talk with a healthcare professional to learn how best to respond to these situations.

how to do an intervention for an alcoholic

Lack of preparation is a common mistake to avoid during an intervention for alcoholism. It’s essential to take the time to prepare and ensure everyone involved clearly understands what needs to be said and done. Failing to plan, gather information, and organize your thoughts can result in a disorganized and ineffective intervention that may not achieve the desired result.

How to Stage an Alcohol Abuse Intervention

They can also help the addicted person get admitted to a dual-diagnosis treatment facility. These facilities specialize in treating both addiction and mental illness. Treatment can be done via an outpatient or inpatient program and may be a combination of both. Many inpatient programs accommodate their patients with 24/7 medical oversight and provide access to on-call medical and psychiatric services during their stay.

how to do an intervention for an alcoholic

Getting worked up or frustrated will only worsen the situation and make your loved one feel defensive. This is why many professionals recommend practicing what you will say or writing it down ahead of time in order to keep the conversation on topic. Use the information you find to start putting a plan in place about what to discuss and who to include in the intervention. Every intervention is unique, so you can change things to make it personal and relatable for your loved one. Ria Health’s online treatment program offers complete support to cut back or quit drinking, from the comfort of home. It is extremely painful to stand by and watch someone’s life be destroyed.

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