3 Zodiac Symptoms Probably To Break Leo’s Cardiovascular System

When you are zodiac royalty like Leo, finding somebody who’s worthy of standing by your side when you deal with society actually simple. You are confident, outgoing, and have now a ton of those who adore you. Due to this, you’ll want to find someone who can with confidence hang back and give you support although you venture out there and do your thing. Unfortunately, not everyone is okay with discussing their unique companion using the whole broad globe, based on astrologers. This realization are heartbreaking available, so if you want a partner whom
will not dull your own glow
, you may want to stay away from online dating three zodiac signs specifically.

“Leos thrive if they are in love,”
Haley Comet
, head astrologer of astrology-based 2redbeans dating apps NUiT Connect and fit application, tells Bustle. “[Leos] cannot do anything halfway — each goes all-in or not at all. They follow their minds completely and abandon rationale in route, so that they could even hurry into a relationship and say ‘I like you’ overnight.”

Once the
sign of self-expression and theatrics
, Leos are all about over-the-top displays of affections, day nights out on the town, and nice gift ideas. All they need reciprocally tend to be hugs, kisses, and near-constant stream of comments. Ever since the lion is actually governed from the Sun, which governs the home, Leos obviously have big egos that need to be stroked.

Per Comet, Leos might possibly be harmed the majority of by somebody which wounds their ego. “Leo is a proud indication,” she says. “If their particular lover does something you should make sure they are look stupid, specifically publicly, that is unforgivable for them.” As
a set signal
, Leo in addition values commitment. So
infidelity or any other kind of betrayal
will wound both their center as well as their ego.

In case you are a Leo looking for just the right spouse for you personally, it may be to your advantage to
keep your distance
from following three symptoms. In accordance with Comet, these zodiac symptoms will only leave you heartbroken.

Gemini (Will 21 — June 20)

union is often a lot of fun at the beginning. Both signs are particularly outbound, love satisfying new-people, and require constant rational stimulation in relationships. When Gemini views Leo getting their unique fantastic home in the exact middle of an event, Gemini shall be instantly driven towards all of them.
Gemini has actually an insatiable interest
and loves finding out every little thing they could about everybody. Leo will love being the middle of Gemini’s attention.

However, Gemini’s interest will ultimately diminish, and in case Leo doesn’t fascinate them any further, might have a look somewhere else. “Even if Gemini simply harmlessly flirts with someone else or functions like someone else is actually interesting, Leos will likely be injured,” Comet says. “they will not that way Gemini is not totally enraptured because of the signature Leo glow and glow. They are not always needy, nevertheless they perform need someone exactly who hypes all of them right up!”

Virgo (August 23 — Sep 22)

Virgo and Leo
are a couple of surrounding indicators who don’t have a lot in keeping.
Virgo is much more set aside
and extremely by-the-book, while Leo does perform what they wish in flashiest way possible. You wouldn’t imagine both of these was attracted to both, and is almost certainly not curious at first. Because they get acquainted with both, though, they’ll appreciate the way they stabilize each other away.

But as a world sign, Virgo reveals love in effective and grounded means, while Leo demonstrates love much more enthusiastic and enchanting methods. In accordance with Comet, this mismatch can cause Leo experiencing insufficient really love using their partner. “Leo reveals love through sweeping gestures and roses, whereas Virgo does it through getting gasoline for companion and heading trips to market,” she says. “Virgo is showing love the only path they discover how, but Leo does not normally take really love during these techniques.”

Furthermore, Virgo is actually an infamously vital indication. After they inevitably start nitpicking, Leo’s self-confidence will require some significant hits, as well as their heart will break at just how their own spouse is behaving.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)

repaired symptoms
in a relationship tends to be both a blessing and a curse, and that is what you’ll get here. On positive area,
Aquarius and Leo
may also be face-to-face signs, so there’s a strong all-natural appeal here. They have a tendency to take pleasure from a slow and regular method to dating, very neither signal will drive others in order to make a consignment before they truly are ready. Whenever they’re in a relationship, both indicators are very faithful.

However, fixed indications are also infamously stubborn. If there are disagreements, it may take some time before one indication gives in. Leo is all fire, while
Aquarius is recognized for getting cold and separated
. “Leo, an indicator that works away from enthusiasm and a lot of love, should be heartbroken at Aquarius’ liberty and coolness,” Comet says. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac and is also very excited about altering worldwide. Although Leo will initially find that top quality attractive, their particular emotions will get harmed after they understand Aquarius throws a lot more undertaking towards preserving everyone else than preserving their relationship.


Haley Comet
, lead astrologer of NUiT Connect and complement software

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